PART OF HEART – that’s us.

The idea of the festival is to introduce and team up the artists with the audience – those who create with the ones who appreciate. Art is not an end in itself. It is to reach out to all and when this happens satisfaction is mutual. We want to remind that when we act with love and for a common idea we all become one. We achieve complete happiness. This is also the purpose of the festival – everyone to become a part of the heart, a part of the art.

The backbone of PART OF HEART is a legend that is interpreted in various cultures and religions. Philosophers and writers describe people like birds with one wing who, finding their halves, join hands and fly along together. In Plato’s Symposium these beings are bisexual, elsewhere are described as birds and also as angels with only one wing. But in each version evil, envy and fear divide these creatures and scatter them all over the Earth. The loss of integrity made them look for their missing half. And when they happen to find it, they were able to fly as one on the wings of happiness.

This is the reason why we got together to make this festival. To unite artists from different genres and to meet them with more people who would appreciate their work.

At the end of the day, everyone needs art.